Brief Report on Award ceremony of "Talk the Walk-Walkable Hyderabad" Design Competition held at Centre for Pedestrian Infrastructure and Planning (CPIP), School of Planning & Architecture (SPA), JNIAS on 14 August, 2013

Centre for Pedestrian Infrastructure and Planning (CPIP) of School of Planning & Architecture, JNIAS, has organized an Award Distribution ceremony for the Architectural Design Competition titled “Talk the Walk – Walkable Hyderabad” on August 14, 2013 at JNIAS.

CPIP has been established by School of Planning and Architecture in collaboration with “Walkable Hyderabad Consortium (WHC)” in February 2013. WHC is a collaboration of National and International Organisations like Goethe Zentrum, The Right to Walk Foundation, Nexus Institute, Berlin, PTV Group, Germany, A.P Chapter of Indian Institute of Architects, A.P Chapter of Institute of Town Planners, India, The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, Karmayog and Heritage Conservation Initiative Consultants (HCIC), Hyderabad

The Centre for Pedestrian Infrastructure & Planning – CPIP has conceived this design competition to encourage the young and budding architect students to come up with solutions for addressing the pedestrian and safety issues on an identified stretch from Lakdi-Ka-Pul to Mahavir Hospital junction as a site that evoke memories of the past, draw attention to the current crisis and explore creative visions for a safe, healthy and environment-friendly future for pedestrians in Hyderabad.


A two member Jury from the Institute of Urban Designers evaluated the entries and recommended four awards to the participating groups whose entries were displayed in the exhibition and presented during the Award Ceremony. The prizes for the design competition have been graciously sponsored by The Nexus Institute, Berlin, one of the founding members of CPIP.

The following dignitaries graced the dias at the Award Distribution ceremony:

1. Dr. D. Swaminadhan, President, JNIAS, Hyderabad
2. Dr. Pramod.S. Shinde, Director, SPA JNIAS, Hyderabad
3. Ms. Amita Desai, Executive Director, Goethe Gentrum, Hyderabad
4. Sri M. T. Krishna Babu, IAS, Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation (GHMC), Hyderabad
5. Prof P.Padmavathi, Vice- Chancellor, J.N. Architecture & Fine Arts University, Hyderabad

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From Left – Mrs Amita Desai, Prof P.Padmavathi, Sri M.T Krishna Babu, Dr. D. Swaminadhan, Dr. Pramod.S. Shinde

The Award Distribution function commenced with a Welcome Address by Mrs. Sujatha Gangadhar, Registrar, JNIAS by giving a brief introduction about the Guests on the Dias and highlighting the theme and outcome of the Design Competition.

                             Ms. Ch. Sujatha Gangadhar, Registrar, JNIAS


This was followed by brief presentation by the participating groups in the Design Competition enumerating their ideas and solutions for improving the pedestrian movement in the identified design stretch from Lakdi-Ka-Pul to Mahavir Hospital junction.


Presentation by the Participating groups



The Presidential Address was delivered by Dr.D.Swaminadhan, President, Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Studies (JNIAS) wherein he expressed happiness about greater participation by youngsters in the design competition and lauded their efforts in identifying innovative solutions for pedestrian and safety issues.


                             Dr.D.Swaminadhan, President, Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Studies (JNIAS)



The Guest of Honor, Prof P. Padmavathi in her address expressed that the pedestrians are getting more and more neglected in the process of preparation of Master Plans as the time is passing from decade to decade. She appreciated the concept of CPIP and also emphasized on the importance of Walking and hoped things will improve for pedestrians over the coming decade.

                             Prof P. Padmavathi, Vice- Chancellor, J.N. Architecture & Fine Arts University, Hyderabad


The Chief Guest Sri M.T. Krishna Babu, Commissioner, GHMC, Hyderabad liked the bold representations made by the participating groups and promised to encourage any Institution that comes forward with a solution for pedestrians problems for any identified stretch of atleast 2 Kms in any part of the Hyderabad city and assured that the total cost would be borne by GHMC to implement the said solutions. This was a positive outcome of the prize distribution ceremony and it will go a long way in encouraging consultancy work by Architectural Institutions.

                             Sri M. T. Krishna Babu, IAS, Commissioner, GHMC, Hyderabad


The prizes of the design competition were announced by the Chief Guest and the cash prizes were distributed to the winning teams as follows:

  1. 4th Award (Rs. 3,000/-) went to the Team from Deccan School of Planning and Architecture, Hyderabad, A.P.
  1. 3rd Award (Rs. 3,000/-) was given to MEASI College of Architecture, Chennai, ( T.N )


  1. 2nd Award (Rs.7,000/-) was won by the group from JBR Architecture College, Hyderabad. and
  1. The First Prize (Rs.15,000/-) was bagged by the team from Sri Venkateswara College of Architecture, Hyderabad.


The certificates of participation were handed over by the Guest of Honor Prof. P. Padmavathi.





Distribution of Cash Awards and Certificates by Chief Guest and Guest of Honor


Mrs. Anita Desai as the convener of “Walkable Hyderabad Consortium” and co-covenor of “CPIP” read out a Note from the Prize Sponsoring Agency, The Nexus Institute, Berlin. The Message was loud and clear that civil society, universities, transportation agencies and most importantly the city administration and the planning authorities, all need to come together to take up the task and create a walkable urban environment in Hyderabad. She also mentioned that Nexus institute has been participating in the Sustainable Hyderabad project from 2007 until recently, researching on possibilities and concepts to put the city of Hyderabad on the sustainable path towards the future. Mrs Amita Desai added that this is a good beginning and more such programmes will be   undertaken by CPIP in the near future.



                             Ms. Amita Desai, Goethe Institute, Hyderabad


The invited dignitaries were presented Momentoes by the President Prof D.Swaminadhan, President, JNIAS.







The invited guests present at the event included Mrs. Anuradha Reddy, Convenor – INTACH Hyderabad, Mr Shanker Narayan, Representative Indian Institute of Architects – AP chapter, Hyderabad, Ar. Sanjay Torwi, from Institute of Urban Designers, Hyderabad etc.


                             Prof Pramod S. Shinde, Director, SPA, JNIAS

Dr. Pramod S Shinde, Director, SPA and Chairman of CPIP proposed a Vote of Thanks followed by singing of the National Anthem by the present audience and dignitaries.