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Goals and Objectives:


  • Become an effective instrument to contribute to development based on eco-friendly, pro-poor and gender equity requirement.
  • Act as a Forum facilitating involvement of dedicated and committed scientists, technologists and social scientists for contributing towards improving the quality of life.
  • Undertake and promote relevant education, research, innovations and extension activities with a view to improve the quality of human life.
  • Act as a technological brain-trust, a trouble shooter, a long term planner and become a partner in progress from concept to complementation - and beyond.
  • Serve the cause of development by offering expert services, almost totally and comprehensively in all the five fundamental fields viz. water, power, agriculture, industry and human resource on which the edifice of development rests.
  • Harness and foster the vast and varied experiences that India has gained in the broad fields and to build on it and expand the horizons of knowledge.
  • Contribute to the effort of ushering India to be in the forefront in the advanced technologies and build ‘core competence’ in specific areas.
  • Become an agent for voluntary social action.


JNIAS has two broad objectives; a) providing scientific and academic support to the programmes of DSRF as a Voluntary Organisation and thus discharge its social obligation and b) evolving itself into an Institute of excellence in Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences for contributing to the progress of humanity and the development of India.

Main objectives of JNIAS include:

  • To undertake education, research, training and consultancy in advanced sciences and technologies to further scientific, technological, agricultural and medical innovations and to link them for buiding up and offering “social action”.
  • To take up programmes aimed at conservation of environment and natural resources.
  • To conduct training programmes, conferences, lectures and seminars on latest developments in sciences and technologies.

  • To provide quality R&D support to the Industry.
  • To strengthen and promote voluntary effort in research and development by entering into collaboration with NGO’s, NPO’s and other scientific and research organisations.