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Research Publications:

JNIAS has published the following original research papers in the area of Biotechnology/Bioinformatics


Journal Name/Impact Factor


Year & Month of PublicationVol, Issue No., and Pg Nos.


Title of the Research Paper


Names of Authors (as published)


Revista do Institute de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo.
Thomson Reuters
Impact Factor: 0.959


July-August, 2014 56(4):341-346


Antimicrobial drug resistance in strains of E. coli isolated from food sources


Rasheed M.U, N.Thajuddin, P.Ahamed, Z Teklemariam, Kaiser Jamil


Molecular Biology Reports 

Thomson Reuters (Impact Factor: 2.506)


July, 2014,Pp 1-2


Polymorphism of CYP3A4*2 and eNOS genes in the diabetic patients with hyperlipidemia undergoing statin treatment


Kaiser Jamil,Vidya Kandula,Ramoji Kandula, M. Asimuddin, Sindu Joshi, Shiva Kumar Verma


International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
SJIF( Impact Factor (3.358)


June, 2014 Vol.No- 3 Issue-6


Identification and Characterization of Probiotics from New Sources


Bhargavi Basavaraju, Kaiser Jamil



International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
SJIF( Impact Factor (3.358)


June, 2014 Volume 3 Issue 6


Functional Characterization and Structure Prediction
of HDAC-10: A Bioinformatics Approach


Sabeena M, Kaiser Jamil


International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences.
Journal (Impact Factor: 1.594)


May, 2014 Vol.No 3(5): 348-361


Distribution of the Stx1,Stx2 and hlyA genes: Antibiotic Profiling in shiga to toxigenic E. coil strains isolated from food sources.


Rasheed M.U, Kaiser Jamil.


International Journal of Advanced Research
Journal (Impact Factor: 1.659)


April, 2014 Volume 2, Issue 4, 11170-11203


In-silico analysis of Clp protease catalytic subunit-2 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis : Modeling and docking  analysis.


Kavita Kumari Kakarala ⇑, Kaiser Jamil


Indian Journal of Experimental Biology.
Journal (Impact Factor: 0.753)



February, 2014 Vol. 53, pp. 181-188


Androgenesis in chickpea: Anther culture and EST based annotation.


Sameera Panchangam, Nalini Mallikarjuna, Pooran M. Gaur and Prashanth Suravajhala,


Book Chapter in Agricultural Bioinformatics


February, 2014 ISBN 978-81-322-1879-1


ESTs in plants: Where are we heading?


Sameera Panchangam, Nalini Mallikarjuna and Prashanth Suravajhala


Thomson Reuters (Impact Factor: 3.73)


January, 2014Vol 9, Issue1,  pp01-15


Drug Targets for Cell Cycle Dysregulators in
Leukemogenesis: In Silico Docking Studies


Archana Jayaraman, Kaiser Jamil


Indian Journal of Biotechnology
Thomson Reuters (Impact Factor: 0.477)


October, 2013Vol 12, pp 451-461


Mapping the p53 gene using STRING software to study the alterations modulating
the functioning of associated genes in leukemia


Archana Jayaraman, Kaiser Jamil


Journal of Advanced Bioinformatics Applications and Research
Journal (Impact Factor: 1.057)


October, 2013Vol 4, Issue3, 2013, pp60-66


In Silico Assessment of pparγ Val 290 Met Mutant
Structure and Molecular Docking with
Thiazolidinedione of Type-2 Diabetes


Mr. Ch. Kalyan Kumar and Dr. Kaiser Jamil


Biology and Medicine


January, 2012Vol 4 (1), pp 37-50


Clusters of CDK2, CCND1, and CMYC genes involved
in cancers: Acute
Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) as a model


Dr. Kaiser Jamil & Ms. Archana Jayaraman


Journal of Biology,
Agriculture and


2012Vol 2, No. 4, pp 11-31


In silico analysis of Human and Zebrafish α-2 Adrenergic Receptors


Dr. Kavita K. Kakarala,
Ms. Archana Jayaraman &
Dr. Kaiser Jamil


Avicenna Journal of
Medical Biotechnology


July, 2012Vol. 4, No. 3, pp 121-130


Thioredoxin System: A Model for Determining
Novel Lead molecules for Breast cancer


Dr. Kaiser Jamil & Ms. Sabeena


Biology and Medicine


September 2012 Vol 4(4), pp 147-166


Insight    into    the    DNA repair mechanism operating during cell cycle checkpoints in eukaryotic cells


Mr. Mohammed Asim uddin & Dr. Kaiser Jamil


Journal (Impact Factor: 1.15)


February, 2012Vol 8(4), pp 175-180


Functional analysis and structure determination of alkaline protease


Dr. Kaiser Jamil & Ms. Sabeena


Computational and
Structural Biotechnology Journal


July, 2012Vol 1 (2), pp 1-11


In silico evidence of the Notch signalling players in leukemia


Dr. Kaiser Jamil, Ms. Archana, Dr. Raghunatha Rao & Dr. Suryanarayana Raju


Biology and Medicine


2011Vol 3(3), pp 01-12


The interaction of p53 and MDM2 genes in cancers, in silico studies and phylogenetic analysis


Ms. Archana Jayaraman, Dr. Kaiser Jamil & Dr. Suryanarayana Raju


International Journal of Cancer Research


April, 2011Vol 7(2), pp 99-113


Introduction to the role of fragile histidine triad (fhit) gene in cancer – A review of literature with special
emphasis on cervical carcinoma


Dr. Abjal Pasha Shaik


Innate Immunity

Thomson Reuters (Impact Factor: 2.682)


March, 2011Vol 0(0), pp 1-14


Innate Immune functions of C1 Q: complement and non- complement activating


Dr.Uday Kishore & Ms. Annapurna Nayak


Computational Biology and Applied Bioinformatics
InTech Publishers
(As a Book Chapter)


2011Chapter 16


Identification of Functional Diversity in the Enolase Superfamily Proteins


Kaiser Jamil and M. Sabeena


TWOWS Africa
International Journal of Science and Technology


2011Vol 2(1&2), 42-48


Nanotechnology and


Dr. Kaiser Jamil and Dr. Abjal Pasha Shaik


Biology and Medicine


2010Volume  2(2): 10-19, 2010


Phylogeny reconstruction of ubiquitin conjugating
(E2) enzymes


Dr. Kaiser Jamil


Papers Accepted for Publication:

“Role of Angiogenesis in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia”. Samyuktha Lakkireddy, Sangeetha Aula, Atya Kapley, Vedanta Narasimhaswamy Adimadhyam, Kaiser Jamil*. Accepetd in International Journal of Recent Scientific Research

Papers communicated for Publication:

1. DNA Methylation of hTERT Promoter site: A Biomarker for early detection of Cervical Cancer, M. Asimuddin, J.M. Kooter, and Kaiser Jamil. Communicated to: Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (IJEB)

2. "Biological interactions in vitro of zinc oxide nanoparticles of different characteristics" (TJEN-2014-0125) communicated to Journal of Experimental Nanoscience. Samyuktha Lakkireddy, Sangeetha Aula, Atya Kapley, Vedanta Narasimhaswamy Adimadhyam, Kaiser Jamil*, Narasinga Rao Tata, Kaliyan Hembram.

3. Sameera Panchangam and Nalini Mallikarjuna, Apomixis in chickpea, Under review SAT journal.