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Research Projects:

I. Area of Research - Bioinformatics

Title of the Project: Structural basis of human protease activated receptor-2 regulation by stimulators and inhibitors in breast cancer metastasis

  • Principal Investigator- Dr. Kavita Kumari Kakarala
  • Mentor: Dr. (Mrs).Kaiser Jamil
  • Funding body: Department of Science and Technology (DST)
  • Duration of the Project: Three years (April 2012- April- 2015)
  • Sanctioned Amount: 22.60 Lakhs

II. JNIAS has initiated the following research projects and the outcome of the same would be published on completion of the research project

  • Profiling of Cancer signature genes in Childhood Leukemia using Bioinformatics tools
  • Putative modulators of HDAC-10 protein in Cancer: In silico studies
  • Epigenetic Biomarkers in Breast Cancer, Implication for early detection, prognosis and   treatment
  • Study of genetic alterations occurring in leukemia, and  their molecular, cytogenetic, immunophenotyping and microarray based diagnosis
  • Investigations for the assessment of the interaction of nanomaterials with the biological system
  • Comparative sequence and structure analysis of α-2A-adrenoceptors from human and zebra fish (Collaboration with scientist from Schrödinger).
  • Structural   and functional correlations of lambda crystalline inactivity; Transition of enzyme to structural protein.
  • Protease activated receptors (PARs) agonist and antagonist study. Elucidating their role in breast cancer metastasis.
  • Thioredoxin  system; identification of novel lead molecules for breast cancer.
  • In-silico analysis of beta adrenergic receptors of human and zebra fish.
  • Understanding Cardiac regulation by the beta adrenergic receptors: Designing inhibitors.
  • Phylogenetic analysis of human mitogen activating  protein
  • Crystalline super family analysis
    • Alpha Crystalline- Evolution and Function in silico and in-vivo studies using zebra fish as model organism.
    • Structural   and functional correlations of lambda crystallin inactivity.
    • Comparative study of vertebrate and invertebrate  crystalline; structural changes, functional significance and phylogenetic correlations

III. Research Projects submitted for Funding:

  • Enhancing the mucosal immunity for polio Vaccine with nutritional Supplements
  • Gut modulation by synbiotics in prevention and treatment of Bowel Cancer
  • Combination of Fusion Protein and Nanoparticle Induced Complement Activation For Immunization Against Diarrhea
  • Creation of Infrastructure facility for Bioinformatics Department-Proposal submitted to DBT, India.
  • Project sent to DBT: A prospective cohort study on the risk factors of colon cancer in women and intervention of various dietary factors for cancer prevention.
  • MicroRNAs from breast cancer cases and control and their validation in breast cancer cell lines.
  • A study on Genotoxicity of Lead (Pd) and Genetic susceptibility for Lead Poisoning in People living in High traffic areas of Hyderabad city, India.