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   Centre for Biotechnology and      Bioinformatics (CBB)
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Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (CBB)

Training/Academic Projects/Dissertation work in Biotechnology

JNIAS invites applications for training/academic projects/dissertation work in biotechnology for students from various streams of Life Sciences (M.Sc, M.Tech (Biotechnology) etc…)

JNIAS offers projects in wide range of areas include

  • Genetic Toxicology (in-vitro)
  • Molecular Biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • In silico studies & Drug Designing
  • Sequence analysis.
  • Protein structure function studies. 

Major Instruments/facilities available inculde;

 Verti 96well thermal cycler (for PCR) from Applied Biosystem, USA

 Spectrophotometer from Lamda Scientific Corp, Australia

 Cooling Centrifuge from Eppendorf,Germany

 Gel documentation system from DNR image pro, Israel

 Water purification system from Millipore,USA

 MicroPlate reader from Labda scientific,Australia

 Electrophoresis unit from GE-Amersham ,USA

 Finpipettes from Eppendorf,Germany

 Incubator from thermoscientific,USA

 Waterbath, vortex, stirrer, Electronic weighing balance, Laminar air flow,Autoclave,-20 Degree & 4 Degree C freezers etc

 Desktop computers with unlimited internet facility

Training will include techniques like

  • Genomic DNA isolation
  • PCR techniques
  • Agarose Gel electrophoresis/PAGE
  • Protein Charaterisation studies
  • Cytotoxic assays (Trypan blue dye exclusion assay )
  • Single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE)
  • Buccal Epitheilal Micronucleus Test
  • Restriction fragment length Polymorphism (RFLP) etc…

Partial list of the projects which can be done at JNIAS 

  • Association of - gene in Breast cancer development.
  • Genotoxicity of Heavy metals  (in- vitro studies)
  • Study on  - gene polymorphism  in association with cervical cancer
  • A study on effect of - pesticide  (in-vitro studies)

 Students will be provided with internet facility for literature search and Guidance in thesis writing and presentation.

 Certificates are issued after the successful completion of the project.

 The outstanding project works will be encouraged for publications on the interest of the students.

 We will encourage student’s innovative ideas based on the feasibility and time span.

Based on the performance of students, they will be absorbed as Project Assistants for the ongoing projects.

Note: We do not provide any accomodation facilities for the trainees.

Duly filled application forms along with all supporting documents should reach through Speed Post to: 
The Registrar
Jawaharlal Nehru Institite of Advanced Studies (JNIAS) 
6th Floor, Buddha Bhawan,
M.G Road, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, PIN: 500 003 
Phone: 040-27541551,040-27541552

Application Forms can be sent through email also to academicprojects@jnias.in 
For more details, please contact:

Mr. Mohammed Asimuddin
Research Associate, School of Life Sciences,
Mobile: +91-7893203414, Email: mmast7@gmail.com/asim@jnias.in  


Ms. B. Bhargavi
Research Associate, School of Life Sciences
Mobile: 9949308684, Email: bhargavi@jnias.in,