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Registrar & Secretary

Dr. D. Suresh,

Registrar & Secretary

Registrar & Secretary Message :

In a country like India with high population and low literacy rate human development should be at the center – stage of the development process. Towards this goal, generation of adequate employment opportunities, population control, universalisation of elementary education, eradication of illiteracy provision of safe drinking water, primary health facilities to all and growth and diversification of agriculture to achieve self-sufficiency in food grains are some of the areas which need attention on priority basis.

The task of the country’s development becomes formidable in view of its vastness, large population and inadequacy of resources. Government alone cannot tackle this task and voluntary effort and people’s whole-hearted participation are needed to complement the efforts of the Government.

The Voluntary Social Action will be more fruitful and effective, if it is endowed with a scientific and technical back up mechanism. In this context, the JNIAS was established with a number of Schools and Centres for studies, research and development in various disciplines of Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities. Having the experienced staff and man power in the field of Education, Science & Technology, Industries, gender-equity and related areas.