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School of Environmental Sciences:

School of Environmental Sciences (SES), established by JNIAS is dedicated to make distinctive and eloquent contributions to the various areas in the field of Environment. The academic scope for various domains at SES will be widened through numerous specialized Research and Development programs. SES aims i) to achieve prominence as a School of Environmental Sciences that educates men and women to be leaders in Environmental issues and that contributes to the well-being of our citizens through the creation and transfer of knowledge. ii) to  be an environment where the best and the brightest faculty, students and scholars can understand all the aspects of Environment through interdisciplinary scientific research and education.

"Environment" is an integrated concept of the surroundings that include all aspects of soil, water, air, energy and shelter with closely related interactions. Concepts of integrated and sustainable development have thus gained importance. In this context, environmental management becomes vital. Since environmental aspects have many angles of approach, it is truly an interdisciplinary subject.

Sustainable development relates to the use and management of our natural resources including water, land, and air to improve our comforts and living standards today without sacrificing the well-being of our future generations. In our daily lives, sustainable development means having pure water, clean air and safe food to-day as well as tomorrow. For the planet Earth, environmental issue is nothing less than survival.

Sustainability depends on the delicate balance between the use and the conservation of our environmental resources. The challenge to sustainable development, then, is to stimulate further expansion of living standards worldwide while minimizing and counteracting the negative impacts on the environment.

In the above context the School of Environmental Sciences (SES) is actively developing the following centre:

Centre for Environment and Climate Change (CECC)