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Vision and Mission:

The Vision of Jawaharlal Institute of Advanced Studies (JNIAS) is to be in the forefront to contribute to India’s development by strengthening Education, Research, Training, Consultancy, R&D and innovation and the application of the advancements in Science, Engineering & Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences for the progress of humanity by undertaking advanced studies and research.

The Institute realises its Vision in terms of a Mission with certain Goals supported by Action Strategy that would convert these Goals into specific Tasks.

The strategy to fulfill the objectives and achieve the goals is to formulate a Ten-Year Perspective Plan covering the period 2007- 2017 to actualise the goals.

Action involves initiating measures to develop the envisioned nucleus and strengthening it with competent faculty and other human resources, labs, equipment, library, pedagogic and research capabilities that can achieve the goals laid down. The envisioned nucleus will blossom in to an Institute of excellence in Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Engineering and Technology.